Detroit’s slow death by parking lot

Rob Linn’s depressing map of downtown Detroit parking has been making the rounds.  I found a few glimmers of hope, however, from selected commenters on Emily Badger’s post on the map (at Atlantic Cities) who point out now-vibrant cities that had a similar problem but managed to reverse the trend. From Gerald Fittipaldi: Washington, DC, […]

Humor of the 1970s

At night before I go to bed, I’ve been watching old Youtube clips from programs like the Carol Burnett Show (full episodes of which are posted on Youtube) and the Muppet Show.  It’s been an interesting glimpse into what people found funny back in the 1970s — lots of cornball jokes that are kind of […]

“Shirtless Goes the City”

The New York Times ran an entire fake-trend article about the alleged new epidemic of shirtlessness in NYC. A few notes: July 31 was apparently a slow news day. The piece includes a slideshow of examples of shirtless dudes around the city.  The NYT has hit upon a genius way to juicing advertise pageviews. Unfortunately, […]

Calling out Richard Florida

In my view, Richard Florida is essentially a snake-oil salesman and I’m in pretty good company in holding that opinion. Alec MacGillis at the New Republic had a nice post recently about Florida’s, shall we put it charitably, evolving views on Detroit’s prospects.  I was tipped off to MacGillis by Columbia Journalism Review’s Anna Clark, who […]