Wattrick’s Clif Notes on Detroit’s Fall

Jeff Wattrick’s column originally published behind a paywall in the Toronto Globe and Mail, but Deadline Detroit has made it available for free.  Wattrick highlights one aspect of Detroit’s history that is under-appreciated: Detroit can’t be understood as a city in the same way that Chicago, Philadelphia, or Toronto are cities. Detroit is more like […]

Organizing library exiles

Today’s post by the Annoyed Librarian, “Leaving the Profession,” was a response to recent posts by other bloggers (here, here, and here) who had earned their ALA-accredited master’s degree (the “union card” for working as a librarian in the U.S. & Canada) but had either left libraries or were considering doing so. I left the […]

“I am my own mistake”

I am an atheist, but I found Mary Karr’s Facebook post today strangely profound: This book about memoir is morphing into a tome on how we bullshit ourselves about who we really are. Most ofthe trouble In my life hit when I did something I thought I was supposed to want to do. But if I’d been […]

Unheralded Wayne County job growth

From University of Michigan economist Donald Grimes’s guest commentary in Bridge: (W)hen you look at a different data set generated by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis that looks at annual average employment back to 1969, you can see that Wayne County’s private sector wage and salary employment performance never exceeded the U.S., until 2010. […]

Provincetown Bear Week

AMD & I were invited to Bear Week this year but couldn’t attend.  I joined PWB group on Facebook though, just for fun, and to live vicariously through the attendees (and to cyber-stalk cute bears).  It has been a steady stream of highly entertaining posts, and PWB hasn’t even started yet.  I feel like I […]

Tom Walsh’s column on Detroit’s impending bankruptcy

Walsh is one of the better Free Press writers IMO, and he hit the nail on the head with today’s piece on Detroit’s potential trip to bankruptcy court, which is looking increasingly likely. I found the comments by “restructuring guru” Ken Buckfire particularly insightful: “What we’re really saying to the creditors is, you were unfortunately invested […]