Throwback: QAF

Astronaut Mike Dexter (AMD) & I are re-watching Queer As Folk (the US version) starting tonight.

The gay ideal was so slender and hairless back then, compared to now.  Not a bear or even a beard to be found, not even stubble.  How things change over 13 years.

I remember watching this at home when I was a junior in high school.  A few weeks in, my mother cleverly decided to sit down and watch it with me.  In her presence, I think I was more mortified by the bombastic dialogue than I was by the (for that era) fairly explicit gay sex.  Everyone on this show is always so pissed at each other and making polemical speeches when they are not getting blown in the steam room.

When The L Word followed a few years later, its writers had learned well; they skipped the after-school special politics and focused wholly on the sex and the soap opera, which made for a show that was, IMO, a hell of a lot more fun.


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