The Ilitches’ new arena

Now we finally know where it will go.  And about 44% of the $650 million tab would be public money (mostly from an additional tax capture approved by the state legislature last year). I’d post more details from the Detroit News’ coverage, but that page is crashing my browser. Update:  The devil is in the […]

The war on drugs

Great interview with neuroscientist Carl Hart.  He notes that each of our 3 most recent American presidents have admitted to using illegal drugs that, if they had been caught and prosecuted, would essentially have ended their ability to participate as functional members of society or to ever find work.

Throwback: QAF

Astronaut Mike Dexter (AMD) & I are re-watching Queer As Folk (the US version) starting tonight. The gay ideal was so slender and hairless back then, compared to now.  Not a bear or even a beard to be found, not even stubble.  How things change over 13 years. I remember watching this at home when […]

Freedom from Google

For a long time I tried to come up with a clever nom de plume, mostly for professional reasons.  I don’t intend to post anything I’d be ashamed of, but at this stage in my career I don’t want to have to saddle myself with yet another online presence that could pose a distraction for […]